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Wedge Sandals (33 styles)

As the spring & summer months start to swing around, the appearance of Wedge Sandals in both the high street, fashion houses as well as on people's feet increase. Wedged Sandals are some of the biggest staples in any summer wardrobe - looking absolutely fantastic when twinned with a summer dress on holiday, or at home.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a wedge sandal, is not only the extra height which the wearer can enjoy - but also the added comfort of a wedge compared to a heel. This makes them perfect for days out and occasions of all kinds, from weddings to a day at the races. The reason for the high comfort levels of wedges is not all that well known, but becomes obvious when one learns that wedges were first developed as a medical aid to help correct heel problems, and issues such as fallen arches. As wedges are one solid single sole, they add support and stability right in the middle of the foot - which can often be hard to find.

At Miss Diva, we absolutely adore our collection of wedge sandals, which we believe is one of the best collections available online. You can view the full range of wedge sandals below, and as always - just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.