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Love Island Memes: Back and Better Than Ever!

Love Island Memes: Back and Better Than Ever!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you know the absolute best (and also somehow the worst) British TV Show is back.

It’s Love Island Season divas! If that’s not cause for celebration then what is?

Now in it’s fourth season, we all know the Love Island drill. Beautiful single people all get put on a paradise island to find love in the sun (or a big bag of money at the end of it.) Shock twists and surprise announcements add to the fun as the contestants compete for each other’s affections as well as for the love of us, the public, to decide who stays and who goes. In other words, it’s a work of reality show art, and seemingly at the very heart of British culture - and British bants.

Britain certainly seems to have strong opinions about everything Love Island, and we express it best in meme and tweet form (naturally, it’s 2018). Here’s a few of Miss Diva’s favourite Love Island memes so far!


1. When Britain prepared itself


2. When Laura found out Wes spent £1000 on a date


Literally 😂 follow @bustleuk for some of the best love island memes 😂

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3. This beautiful moment


4. When we all totally believed that Kendall was a Harry Potter fangirl


5. When Saturday hit us hard


6. When Dani made the announcement we’d all been waiting for



7. And we all imagined Danny meeting Jack



8. But maybe it’ll all work out


Genius 😂 @greatbritish.memes is a must follow for memes 😂 (tt/_joshdenham)

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9. When we felt a bit of deja vu…


10. When we found out that more people applied for Love Island than Oxbridge, but to be fair

11. When Hayley got political...


12. When Niall got to the heart of British student culture


13. When Eyal was that spiritual gap year guy we all know


14. And then became just the worst


15. And Britain turned on him

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16. But the boys were there for Dr Alex ❤️


17. And we all just want whats best for him...


18. And now there are new girls, aka new hope…


19. When Britain finally voted for the right thing


20. And finally, the drinking game that will kill us all


You’d be smashed within 10 minutes 🤣

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Stay tuned, we predict many many more Love Island memes to come, and we’re living for it.